Vim Cheatsheet

date: 2020-02-27

I'm learning to use the vim text editor. Came across something useful: the vim cheatsheet.

If you search for "vim cheatsheet" there's some instant answer goodness that displays a listing of the vim commands and what they do.

Try it out:

I do find it humorous that the first section is on "exiting" vim. Because that is definitely the immediate challenge that confronts people new to vim.

These blog posts are written in markdown. I used to use the default graphical text editor in Cinnamon, xed, to write these posts. Now that I'm learning to use vim, I am writing the posts with vim. I do find it faster to use the terminal application than it was to use the graphical text editor. I expect it to be even easier once I know the vim commands better and have practiced them... which is where the vim cheatsheet comes in handy.

Happy text editing!

tags: #vim