Trying Stumpwm

date: 2021-03-14

I'm giving the manual tiling window manager StumpWM a try. It is very different than the other tiling window managers I've used. The key bindings are strangly diffent and the way it spawns windows is different. Everything is different... and I think I like it!$/embed/stumpwm/dc50695855e14b43723d114e6c9deec5d23bff3d?r=8MkFd4RH6BMLon9YPHnP9tUeAF5qb5Ec

Since I made the above video, I've been learning more about StumpWM. This tiling window manager is not for everyone, but it might be for me. I like I have very specific control of the frames and windows. I can see the potential for customizing and automating with the Lisp programming language as I become more familar with StumpWM and Lisp.

StumpWM is written in Lisp and it's configuration is in Lisp.

I do have some frustrations with it now, as it is so different from what I'm used to, but I can see how that may soon pass as I become more proficient at using it and skilled with Lisp.

tags: #lisp #windowmanager #stumpwm