I collected them all! Dell Optiplex 780 achievement unlocked.

Video on LBRY Video on Youtube With the recent acquisition of the Dell Optiplex 780 DT (desktop), my collection is complete. I talk about some of the differences between the form factors and what I plan to use them for. Post shown in article:

I'm considering switching to Alpine Linux. Here's Why.

Video on LBRY Video on Youtube Alpine Linux on Physical Hardware. I’m considering switching some of my server applications to Alpine Linux. Here’s why. RetroEdge.Tech post in video: DJ Ware is @cruxwork on LBRY Alpine Linux website:

Why Use Old Core 2 Duo Hardware? My Reasons.

Embedded Video: Video Description: I enjoy working with the LGA775 Core 2 Duo era of PC hardware. In this video I give a short list of reasons why I recommend that PC enthusiasts consider using this decade old PC platform for some of their projects. Read the post referenced in the video: Video on LBRY Video on Youtube

First Video

I’m happy to have published my first video. Here’s the embeded video player for LBRY: video on LBRY video on Youtube Hugo is the software that I use to publish the RetroEdge.Tech website. It is a powerful tool. I’m just getting started with how to use it. It really does put the fun back into making websites! The posts are written in MarkDown in any text editor.