I collected them all! Dell Optiplex 780 achievement unlocked.

Video on LBRY Video on Youtube With the recent acquisition of the Dell Optiplex 780 DT (desktop), my collection is complete. I talk about some of the differences between the form factors and what I plan to use them for. Post shown in article: https://retroedge.tech/microblog/optiplex-780-collection/

Completed my Optiplex 780 Collection

Earlier this week, I got desktop (DT) version of the Dell Optiplex 780, which is second from the right in the picture. I already had the mini-tower (MT), small form-factor (SFF) and ultra small form-factor (USFF) 780 computers. My recent acquisition of the DT completes my collection! The Optiplex 780 DT that just came in has a Pentium Dual Core processor. I’ll soon be upgrading it to a Core 2 Duo, probably the E8400.

Why Use Old Core 2 Duo Hardware? My Reasons.

Embedded Video: Video Description: I enjoy working with the LGA775 Core 2 Duo era of PC hardware. In this video I give a short list of reasons why I recommend that PC enthusiasts consider using this decade old PC platform for some of their projects. Read the post referenced in the video: https://retroedge.tech/microblog/lga775-c2d/ Video on LBRY Video on Youtube

Why use decade old PC hardware

I recommend building LGA775-based PCs When most tech ethusiasts are hyping the latest and greatest products and showing off their “rigs” that cost well over $1000 USD (sometimes multiple thousands of dollars), I am going to recommend that you build or configure a PC on Intel’s LGA775 platform with a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processor. One of my favorite CPUs right now The Core 2 Duo E8400 sells for less than $10 on the used market.

Upgrading Dell Vostro 200

The Dell Vostro 200 is a great example of a Core 2 Duo computer on the LGA775 platform. It’s easy to get these second hand or in the electronics recycling bin. Vostro is a business class brand from Dell, but it’s a step down from their Optiplex line and uses the same parts and styling as some of their Inspiron models. The Vostro 200 is almost identical to the Inspiron 530 and uses the same motherboard with different firmware.