date: 2022-04-01

I first started using the Fediverse when Derek Taylor of DistroTube hosted a Mastodon instance at distrotoot dot com and invited people to join. It was a great year! I met a lot of people and became familiar with how the Fediverse works.

The most common Fediverse interactions feel close to how Twitter works, but there's much more than that with lots of different kinds of servers and options (blog publishing, photos, audio, video, et cetera).

Since Derek's DistroToot has been shut down, people from that community worked together and launched their own:

If you are already on the Fediverse, I invite you to follow me:

I plan on hosting Fediverse servers for the budding RetroEdge.Tech community for social (pleroma, which is somewhat like mastodon) and video (peertube). I'll let you know when I launch those. For now, if you don't yet have a Fediverse account and would like to get started, consider joining us at the StarNIX Network.

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