Overview of Linux Mint Debian Edition

date: 2023-01-06

I did a whole lot with Linux today:


Video: Overview of Linux Mint Debian Edition

I made the video for a friend who will be receiving one of the computers I installed LMDE 5 on today.

Why the Debian Edition of Linux Mint?

For my own use, I am using Devuan with the Cinnamon desktop. Devuan is essentially Debian without system-d. I really appreciate Devuan's stability and familiarity (as I have used Ubuntu since 2004).

For people new to Linux, the polished experience that Linux Mint gives is valuable. Linux Mint Debian Edition is conservative and stable, while having the latest Cinnamon desktop experience.

I think that the Debian Edition of Linux Mint gives people the good experience of Linux Mint without as frequent of updates, as Debian's software releases are very much Long Term Support (LTS), as the Debian base is used on servers where frequent changes are not desired.

For most people who have used Windows, but want to try Linux, this stability is a good fit. One of the reasons they are frustrated with Windows is unwanted changes to the interface that Microsoft keeps introducing (Windows 8, Windows 11).

Classic & familiar, yet excitingly different

The Cinnamon desktop has that familiar feel, very much taking cues from classic Windows XP and Windows 7 interface design, but it is very much it's own thing. You won't mistake it for Windows (unless you use a theme that mimics a Windows theme).

Someone switching from Windows will feel at home, with similar placement of navigational features and mostly the same keyboard shortcuts, but is introduced to the freedom and power that Linux has over Windows.

I have been recommending Linux Mint Debian Edition for most people new to Linux for the last couple years. Now, I do really like Devuan, too, so I may also be recommending that.

Official LMDE 5 page


Not to be put in a box

Don't misunderstand me. I am very much into minimal, retro and obscure tech.

I am planning on building out a workstation with Tribblix (a distro of what was once OpenSolaris - a Unix system, not Linux), with Berry window manage (minimal, written in C) and a set of retro, command line and text user inface programs (little to no GTK or qt).


berry wm

That's not for everyone, though. And probably not for most people wanting to try an operating system other than Windows for the first time.

For that situtation, Linux Mint Debian Edition and the Cinnamon desktop are a good fit.

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