From Windows to Linux

For many years, I’ve been thinking about what is the best version of Linux (distro) to recommend to people who are familiar with Microsoft Windows. Now that Windows 7 is no longer being supported, I have put a considerable amount of time and research into finding answer. In the past, I have recommended Ubuntu. I no longer think that’s the best recommendation, as the interface in the default Ubuntu environtment with Gnome 3 can be jarring to people coming from Windows.

I collected them all! Dell Optiplex 780 achievement unlocked.

Video on LBRY Video on Youtube With the recent acquisition of the Dell Optiplex 780 DT (desktop), my collection is complete. I talk about some of the differences between the form factors and what I plan to use them for. Post shown in article:

Completed my Optiplex 780 Collection

Earlier this week, I got desktop (DT) version of the Dell Optiplex 780, which is second from the right in the picture. I already had the mini-tower (MT), small form-factor (SFF) and ultra small form-factor (USFF) 780 computers. My recent acquisition of the DT completes my collection! The Optiplex 780 DT that just came in has a Pentium Dual Core processor. I’ll soon be upgrading it to a Core 2 Duo, probably the E8400.

I'm considering switching to Alpine Linux. Here's Why.

Video on LBRY Video on Youtube Alpine Linux on Physical Hardware. I’m considering switching some of my server applications to Alpine Linux. Here’s why. RetroEdge.Tech post in video: DJ Ware is @cruxwork on LBRY Alpine Linux website:

Alpine Linux on Physical Hardware

I’m considering switching some of my server applications to Alpine Linux. Here’s why. For years I’ve been using Ubuntu server for my Linux server applications. There isn’t really a need to move to something else, more of a desire to learn new things and improve my system administration. I’d like to explore Red Hat Linux based server administration, like CentOS, because it is frequently used in business settings. I am also exploring options to use with older hardware and my own internal use.

Why Use Old Core 2 Duo Hardware? My Reasons.

Embedded Video: Video Description: I enjoy working with the LGA775 Core 2 Duo era of PC hardware. In this video I give a short list of reasons why I recommend that PC enthusiasts consider using this decade old PC platform for some of their projects. Read the post referenced in the video: Video on LBRY Video on Youtube

Why use decade old PC hardware

I recommend building LGA775-based PCs When most tech ethusiasts are hyping the latest and greatest products and showing off their “rigs” that cost well over $1000 USD (sometimes multiple thousands of dollars), I am going to recommend that you build or configure a PC on Intel’s LGA775 platform with a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processor. One of my favorite CPUs right now The Core 2 Duo E8400 sells for less than $10 on the used market.

First Video

I’m happy to have published my first video. Here’s the embeded video player for LBRY: video on LBRY video on Youtube Hugo is the software that I use to publish the RetroEdge.Tech website. It is a powerful tool. I’m just getting started with how to use it. It really does put the fun back into making websites! The posts are written in MarkDown in any text editor.

Lunduke Social Media

I like Bryan’s approach I watched a video of Bryan Lunduke’s a few days ago. In it he talked about why he was quitting social media. I really like a lot of what he had to say, even though I won’t be completely quitting social media. My goal is to use Twitter less. I’ll be doing that by “microblogging” on my own website instead of just on Twitter. Here’s my reasoning for that, in question form: If I can write it on Twitter and publish, why can’t I publish it on my own website?

Sharpie Profile Pic

Small Steps Getting started Launching something new is challenging. I want to get things just right. The desire to have good results often keeps me from starting at all. That’s a problem. Pictured is a DIY profile picture for RetroEdge.Tech. I am working with a designer to have an icon-like graphic made for the RetroEdge.Tech website, but I’d like to get started right away. I actually took the above picture to send to the graphic designer as a reference for what I was looking for in a logo.