Completed my Optiplex 780 Collection

Optiplex 780 computers

Earlier this week, I got desktop (DT) version of the Dell Optiplex 780, which is second from the right in the picture. I already had the mini-tower (MT), small form-factor (SFF) and ultra small form-factor (USFF) 780 computers. My recent acquisition of the DT completes my collection!

Optiplex 780 computers - overhead view

The Optiplex 780 DT that just came in has a Pentium Dual Core processor. I’ll soon be upgrading it to a Core 2 Duo, probably the E8400. The three larger models can be upgraded to Core 2 Quad processors, too, while the smallest (USFF) doesn’t have enough power for the LGA775 quad core processors. The three larger models all have four memory slots and can be upgraded to 16GB of memory, while the USFF has two memory slots and has a max of 8GB. Also of note is the body styles are different. The USFF has the styling of the Optiplex models that come after the 780, the 790. My guess is the that USFF 780 introduced after the other three had been on the market.

I will be using some of these as linux servers. The USFF uses the least power and is attractive for server use because of that. For a storage or backup server, the largest MT would work well because it has the most drive bays.