From Windows to Linux

For many years, I’ve been thinking about what is the best version of Linux (distro) to recommend to people who are familiar with Microsoft Windows. Now that Windows 7 is no longer being supported, I have put a considerable amount of time and research into finding answer.

In the past, I have recommended Ubuntu. I no longer think that’s the best recommendation, as the interface in the default Ubuntu environtment with Gnome 3 can be jarring to people coming from Windows. It’s fairly easy to learn, but I have been looking for alternatives.

For a while I used and recommended Ubuntu MATE. Also a good choice, as it runs faster on older hardware than default Gnome 3. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, though.

Linux Mint

What I eventually came to conclude was the best Linux distro to recommend to people familiar with Windows is Linux Mint Cinnamon.

Here’s Why:

  • Start menu is in bottom left corner
  • Good default application choices
  • Familiar keyboard shortcuts
  • Intuitive file manager
  • Based on Ubuntu (good community support)