LBRY can be downloaded as an AppImage on Linux

date: 2020-02-03

I've been experimenting with different ways to install software on Linux recently, even explaining Flatpak at a Linux User Group meeting as part of a larger presentation.

AppImage has caught my interest especially, partially because it's so different. Here's a quote from their website:


Download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install.

Each application is completely in a single file and there's no need to go through any kind of installation process. Since AppImages aren't installed, there's no need to be an administrator of the machine you are using to run software.

I'm going to be exploring this more in depth, but for now I wanted to share that LBRY is available as an AppImage.

I use LBRY to publish videos and I really like what I see happening with the LBRY community and the content published there.

You can download LBRY for Linux here:

If you are using almost any version of Linux, just click the "Download .AppImage" button, change the downloaded file's permissions to be executable, then run it. It's that easy!

tags: #lbry #linux