First Video

date: 2019-12-26

I'm happy to have published my first video. Here's the embeded video player for LBRY:$/embed/response-to-lunduke-quitting-social-media/310d4489479d60764b6b2eaadb7668fdf487bfd8

Hugo is the software that I use to publish the RetroEdge.Tech website. It is a powerful tool. I'm just getting started with how to use it. It really does put the fun back into making websites!


The posts are written in MarkDown in any text editor. Then command line tools are used to preview, create static files and then publish to a web server.


However, I can't just drop HTML code into my blog posts for things like embeding videos (see above) because Hugo expects to see MarkDown syntax in content, not blocks of HTML. In a way, the goal with Hugo is to have to write as little HTML as possible when blogging. Hugo is a lot of fun to use because it's all file based, including templates and shortcodes.

I wrote my own shortcode to get the LBRY video to be embedded in this post. It was satisfying to see it come up correctly. The tools to make the web are so much more powerful than when I started messing around with it in the late '90s. Glad to be getting back into it now!

Note from 2023: I am no longer using Hugo or Markdown for this website. Using a different static site generator and gemtext now.

tags: #microblog #video