Brodie, Luke and Bspwm

date: 2020-02-10

While on exploring the videos on LBRY, I've come across some really good Linux and technology channels.


Brodie Robertson was one of the first Linux people that I found through LBRY, as I had already known about Lunduke and several others through Youtube. I've been watching most of Brodie's videos for the past month and I've been challenged in my view of what Linux on the desktop is.

Brodie Robertson

Specifically that has to do with an group of programs called Tiling Window Managers. I had heard of them before, but hadn't used them. I've use the default graphical shell that came with Ubuntu for most of the years that I've used Linux (since 2004 or so). So I've used Gnome 2, Unity, Gnome 3 and now I'm really liking and recommending Cinnamon; the default shell of Linux Mint.

Tiling Window Managers

Now, as a result of Brodie's videos and my looking for graphical shell options on Alpine Linux, I've been exposed to shells with names like "awesome", "dwm" and "bspwm". I saw that the awesome window manager was available in the Alpine repositories so I followed a tutorial and got it working on my Alpine computer (a Dell Optiplex 780 USFF). I don't really know how to configure and customize these window managers yet, but I am now very interested in them.

In Brodie's video that he first talks about bspwm, he also mentions another Linux guy: Luke Smith. I had heard his name a couple times, probably in a few other of Brodie's videos as well as elsewhere, so I decided to watch a few videos. I very much appreciate Luke's approach. He seems to be very much himself, both serious and having fun at the same time.


Luke Smith

Luke makes videos about whatever he wants to, but they usually are tied to his philosophy of computing, and more broadly, life. He mentions ThinkPad laptops, which I've been working on and selling for years, and does both screenshare "tutorial-like" videos as well as commentary videos on particular topics.

Here's his video introducing bspwm.

video introducing bspwm

I thought I was going to use the Awesome Window Manager, because there was a guide on how to set it up on Alpine Linux, but I think I will be going with bspwm. The reason is mostly because Brodie introduced me to it and he has several tutorial videos on aspects of how to configure and use bspwm. Also, I did look and bspwm is also in the Apline Linux software repositories.

For people who are used the graphical user interfaces of Windows or macOS, I highly recommend a desktop environment like Cinnamon on Linux Mint. I'm quite excited about learning something new and look forward to becoming more familiar with bspwm and possibly other window managers.

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